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Sanso ปั๊มน้ำเคมี / น้ำทะเล รุ่น PMD-371 15 วัตต์ ขนาดท่อสวมสายยาง 17 มม. ไฟฟ้า 220 โวลท์



Sanso ปั๊มน้ำเคมี น้ำทะเล
( ปั๊มระบบใบพัดขับเคลื่อนด้วยแม่เหล็ก ไม่ใช้แมคคานิคอลซีล )
Magnet Drive Sealless Pump


High performance and energy saving
Compared to the conventional products, the pump efficiency increased by 35%. This type became smaller, lighter, 5-dB quieter and 50% reduction in vibration
Long-life and no liquid leakage
There is no liquid leakage due to no shaft seal part. As made of resin, this type is appropriate for transporting highly-corrosive special liquid.
Complete no liquid leakage
This type is seal-less pumps based on the magnet coupling system.  The pump section will never have liquid leakage, corrosion, dirt around the pump and troublesome mechanical seal replacement.


  • Coolant circulation, seawater circulation and chemical solution circulation (some excluded)
  • Various machine sets, fish preserves and seawater plants
  • Hydroponic culture, printing equipment and chillers


Casing : Filler-containing polypropylene
Impeller : Filler-containing polypropylene
Pump shaft : Ceramics
Thrust block : Ceramics
Pump bearing : Teflon
O-ring : Fluororubber



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