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STAC เฉพาะหัวปั๊ม รุ่น KRW3-200/26 ขนาดท่อ 250 x 200 มม. ( Bare Pump )



STAC  เฉพาะหัวปั๊ม รุ่น KRW3 ( Volute Casing Pumps )

Single-stage volute casing pumps of the KRW3 series are preferably used in the field of water supply.  Standardized connecting dimensions allow for trouble-free installation even in existing systems.  Our volute casing pumps suitable for use on various applications, such as : Water supply in Buildings, Water Pressure Boosting, Water Treatment, Water Circulating, Air Conditioning, Industrial use, Agriculture, Irrigation, Drainage, Fire Protection
Dimensions and rated capacities of single-stage end suction pumps of the KRW3 series comply with DIN standard 24255.  A favorable characteristic of our volute casing pump is easy maintenance.  Motor, sealing systems and impeller can be replaced while pump casing remains installed in the piping system.  Our modular design principle combined & optimised hydraulic allows for various design arrangements in accordance with different use conditions





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